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The tallest towers in Punawale.

Eira stands taller than any other towers in the neighbourhood. Uninterrupted panoramic views shall enthrall you from almost every corner of your home. Constructed to exacting standards of quality, these towers with their contemporary architecture, are a sight to behold. Eira shall literally take life in Punawale to new heights of luxury living.

Welcome. To your blessed address.

Some homes evoke a feeling of luxury, unlike any other. Some homes evoke a feeling of the divine. Some, a sense of fulfillment, calm and sheer bliss. At your Eira home, you shall experience all of the above. Eira comprises of 3 acres of world-class residential development. 118 apartments of opulence and unmatched luxury await you here. Eira brings you two of the tallest towers in the Western Pune skyline.


“The entire plot where Eira stands has been measured for good vastu energy flow and steps have been taken to create a great cosmo-telluric balance in the plot. The plot and the entire project (both the towers) have been injected with plenty of harmonizers and energy enhancers at the basement level, to make sure that good, healthy energy flow travels upwards. The project has also been audited from a geopathic standpoint and has been found to be perfectly in order at the time of audit. At every possible stage of construction, care is being taken to follow the acceptable vastu energy flow principles. Periodical review is carried out to manage effective energy balancing, even in minute details, to ensure greater well-being of the residents.”
- Dr. Amaresh Mehta
Vastu, Feng Shui and Energy Dynamics Auditor

Dr. Amaresh Mehta

Dr. Amaresh Mehta is a one of India’s leading Energy Dynamics Auditors. Armed with a Doctorate in Paramedical Sciences and with a deep understanding of specialized areas such as Vastu, Feng Shui, Reiki, Geobiology, Geomancy, Gem Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Numerology and Face-reading among many others, Dr. Mehta has delivered over 1,500 lectures in his field of expertise across the globe from the USA to the Middle East and from Africa to the Far East as well.