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Siddhashila Aabha Aundh

A ray of light means hope, positivism. It falls with tender density and gradually brightens up the whole world for us. Our eyes can touch the beauty of life, thus igniting the inner glow of our soul. Aabha is such sacred light. That gently caresses your life and adds a spectrum of vividly stunning shades to your persona. Welcome to Aabha. The dawn of good life!

The origin of enlightened living

Located at the periphery of Aundh, just a leisurely walk away from Parihar Chowk, Aabha geographically is considered to be in Baner. An easy and convenient access to both these highbrow suburbs is a lifelong pleasure for the dwellers of Aabha. The cultured and sophisticated way of living prevailing here would bless you with that touch of aristocracy. And inspire you to elevate your thinking, intensify your ambitions and embolden your dreams. Be one with the origin of enlightened living. Be one with Aabha.

The new centre of universe

There could be a thousand reasons why you would feel proud to belong to this locale. Nearness to all things that matter in life and all the lifestyle conveniences is the fabulous privilege you would enjoy at Aabha. The upmarket setting around your home has its proven set of advantages. Schools, colleges, multiplexes, shopping malls, eateries, gardens are within easy reach. Hinjewadi IT Hub and the Expressway bypass are at convenient distances. So belong to Aabha, the new center of universe!

A richer panache, an enhanced way of living

A home is what you are. A new home in Aabha means you have arrived. It will add a new charm to your persona. And enhance your lifestyle to a great extent. Living here with your loved ones is a fresh beginning of a brand new era. Where everyday will be an utterly delightful joyride and each moment will turn into a precious memory. Live amongst the likeminded, progressive neighbours and feel inspired to bring out the best in you.

A complete living. Complemented well by open spaces, lawns and special amenities.

Step out of your home and you would come across innovations to make your life happier. Everything has been meticulously planned and each corner has been thoughtfully utilized. Early in the morning, you can indulge in your daily workout at Gym, while lawns may invite you for a sporty affair with friends. Children will be having a place to make the most of their free time. Itís their own play area. And a brisk walk along the fencing would be nothing less than an energizing experience.

Comfort your body, mind & soul

After a dayís hard work, your body needs a restful relaxation, your mind needs to be rejuvenated and your soul needs a calm pampering. As home is a place where you draw your inspirations from, at Aabha, get the celestial peace of mind at a wholly comfortable setting. Talk to your loved ones, share your feelings with them and revitalize your energy levels. So that when you set out of your home the next day, youíre throbbing with enthusiasm and the stimulating freshness.